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The originality lies in its appearance and in its redesigned operation which brings a singularity

Content and form

The bottom as the shape is out of the ordinary and what one can meet elsewhere and gives a unique taste to the launcher


Ability to change the background and shape to differentiate yourself from other launchers with the different themes offered

Connection mode

The age of the Internet has only just begun! Thanks to the connected mode, access to the launcher is restricted


You can set the game authentication mode when creating the launcher and change it at any time


Downloading files is accelerated to allow quick access to the launcher

Breathtaking features!

  • Crash detection plugin, radio, discordrpc etc...
  • Prelaunch with loading
  • Connection mode with attempt
  • Forge, optifine, vanilla and many other versions...
  • Update at will
  • Signed and protected against false positives
  • Anti-cheat protection plugin

Opinions of our customers

"I find the concept very innovative. I've always dreamed of having a customizable launcher via a dedicated space and it's magic since Minelaunched did it!"

Skin de meltdown Meltdown

"I discovered Minelaunched by chance on the internet and it's true that at first sight I was dazzled by the beauty of the site"

Skin de celesis Celesis

"For the price it's worth, I think we should not hesitate. I have looked for several developers so far but now I don't need to worry anymore. With Minelaunched it's won in advance."

Skin de Vintry_ Vintry_

"I've been looking for a concept as innovative as Minelaunched for a while now. Today, I found my happiness and I am very satisfied. I thank the creators of this site, you are loves!"

Skin de Terina Terina

"The site is extremely elegant, I love it! But beyond the site, the idea of having your own minecraft launcher manager is very ingenious. Hat !"

Skin de Meridian Meridian

"It looked like a CMS. In fact, we can even say that it's a CMS since we can totally manage its launcher, its theme and even add plugins, it's really cool."

Skin de kiritosaki kiritosaki